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20 Ways To Be A Better Witness For Jesus

Did you know that in other countries, some people wonder why Americans don’t seek more after God, church, and the Bible?

I’ve heard that some people in other countries travel hours from their home to attend a home Bible study.

That’s just pure love and desire for God.

Churches are literally everywhere in America.

In my little town, there’s a church on every block it seems.

And yet, most people don’t attend church, and if they do, some really don’t want to be there.

Have you ever wondered why more people don’t want God?

The most common answer I receive from people who seem to not want God is this:

“I believe in God, but I just don’t like going to church and things like that. I don’t want to be around those people who say they love God, but are really terrible people.”

Like Gandhi said, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians.”

I get it.

There definitely are some people who don’t represent God and the Bible well.

So because this might be one of the most common responses by modern day folk, we made this blog.

Here are 20 ways to be a more effective witness for Christ.

1. Genuinely care about people and love them

People often call Christians hypocrites. Why?

Because some of them seem to care about others, but they really don’t.

It’s not enough to preach kindness and act like a loving person.

It has to be seen in words, body language, and above all, actions.

Remember this: people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

You have to take an interest in people around you.

Ask them questions. Give your opinions. Buy them lunch and listen to them.

Genuine care goes a long way, and opens the door for a more meaningful relationship.

2. Put God and spending time with Him above being a witness to the world

Some people spend so much time preaching, ministering, doing, and “being” a Christian.

They do the ministry of God so much, that they forget about the God of the ministry.

More than anything, if you want to be a good witness, you have to spend time in His presence.

God is THE source where you learn how to treat people and witness to them.

Don’t get caught up in the “Christian life” instead of getting caught up in God.

3. Don’t lie to people

I think this is a big one.

As Christians, we need to learn to be men and women of our word.

If we say we’re going to do something, we need to do it.

NEVER lie. Be straightforward with the facts and how you feel.

But do it in love of course.

Lying just turns people off and causes them not to trust you.

If they don’t trust you, they won’t let you witness to them.

Plus, it’s a sin.

4. Start learning the Bible more

I hate the fact that there are so many of us out there that don’t know the Bible.

It’s what we base literally ALL of our Christian beliefs on, and we don’t know it.

We don’t understand it, so we don’t know how to explain it to people in a way that’ll help them.

When you learn the scriptures more, not only will you learn how to be a better witness…

… you’ll also learn the difference between right and wrong doctrine.

People live wrong because they believe wrong.

And they believe wrong because they don’t know how to interpret the Bible.

You can start learning the Bible in many ways.

Read it. Ask questions about it. Google it. Join a Bible study.

5. Don’t just give people what they need; give them what they want

Often times, we approach people with a mindset that says, “I already have the answer for them – JESUSSSSSSSS!”

And you’re right. That’s EXACTLY what they NEED.

But, people don’t care about what they NEED.

They only care about what they WANT right now.

I heard a preacher say that they were preaching in another country one time.

As she was preaching, her team was also feeding the people and filling their bowls with hot food.

As she was standing off to the side preaching, one of the people yelled,

“Your preaching doesn’t fill my bowl!”

Remember to look at people’s “wants”, too.

Giving them what they “want” might open the door to what they “need”.

6. Be good with money that you’re responsible for

Another turn off is when Christians are swayed by money.

Money makes people act strange. It makes them lie and do things they know they shouldn’t.

This shouldn’t happen among Christians.

Money is a powerful tool, and if we can show people that we are responsible with it, it will reflect on our ministry.

7. Don’t act too spooky and spiritual around folk

Some Christians are too deep and crazy with God.

They go around regular people and start talking in tongues and rambling about “visions”.

I’ve found that it’s always better to just be a down to earth person.

I once became friends with a guy from New York while doing some filming in a kickboxing gym.

Right there, we set up a meeting to have coffee and chit chat.

He didn’t even know I was a pastor or a Christian until after that meeting.

He said, “You just being you made me want to come to your church.”

He’s still coming, and we’re still friends.

8. Focus on showing fruit, not spirituality

What is fruit?

Read Galatians 5. It’s love, joy, peace, self-control, gentleness, etc.

People like to flaunt their “Christianess”, but Jesus said you’d know them by their fruits.

Are you loving, helpful, gentle, giving, down to earth?

Do people want to be around you?

Character is more powerful than a Christian bumper sticker.

9. Be reasonable in situations, and never lose your cool

Why is it so awkward whenever Christians start getting angry and losing control?

Because in our minds, we think, “They’re not supposed to act like this.”

Right. Which is why it helps to be REASONABLE in unfortunate circumstances.

That means that you do what’s right and act calm in every situation.

It means that you don’t show people that you can’t control your emotions when things get tough.

Don’t just put on a big, Christian smile – be reasonable in crazy times.

10. Consider others and understand where people are coming from

You got to remember that you’re not the only one with feelings and opinions.

Sometimes, we get into trouble when we fail to think of others and how they might see things.

It always helps when you simply acknowledge where people are coming from.

They like to know that you understand and you’re actively listening to them.

Some Christians don’t do this.

“I’m not going to consider others when talking about my religious beliefs.

I’m going to push faith and my actions on people because I’m right!”

Try and see from their point of view, and adjust your words and actions accordingly.

11. Don’t compare yourself to other Christians or minsters

Some Christians like to act like their favorite preacher, so their ministering sounds unnatural.

Or, they look at brother or sister so-and-so and wish they could be like them.

They long to be an effective witness, so they look to the people they think are better at it.

This isn’t always a bad idea, because we CAN be a better witness by taking tips from others.

But the problem comes when we forget to be ourselves in the midst of all that.

You have a unique ability to speak into people’s lives, and it’s time you start believing that.

12. When people walk away from you, let them, and don’t let it consume you

People are meant to come and go in your life.

You might have someone in your life that you’ve been witnessing to in some way.

But, they never seem to grasp what you’re saying, or worse…

… they want you to leave them alone and walk away from you.

It hurts. But it’s a part of life.

So we should learn to accept when people leave, and don’t let it bring us down.

Some Christians let this consume them, and they become obsessive.

Let them go. All we can do is give them the Gospel. If they don’t want it, they don’t want it.

13. Don’t be too nice

This is actually something that I’ve battled with my whole life.

Several people have told me that I’m TOO nice, and that’s a bad thing.

There’s a perception that as a Christian, you’re supposed to be super, super sweet and smiley.

Yea, you should be nice and happy, but you shouldn’t be a doormat.

Learn to speak your mind and don’t constantly be overly kind.

It’s sad, but this is looked at as being weak.

You have to find a balance between being firm and leader-like, and being kind and understanding.

I’m sure Jesus was nice and sweet, but also bold. He’s the lion and the lamb.

14. Clean up your personal life as much as you can

It’s just doesn’t sit right when someone wants to tell you about Jesus, but they clearly have things in their life they need to work out.

What if I wanted to tell you about Jesus, but I didn’t have a relationship with my children?

What if I didn’t have a job even though I was healthy?

What if I drove around in a car filled with trash all day long?

Would you take me seriously when I talk about Jesus, and how He can change your life?

I’m not saying we need to be perfect, but Jesus WILL lead us to clean up our lives if we lean on him.

15. Come to the realization that no one cares about your walk with God

I know this might rub people the wrong way.

But you shouldn’t look for support and confirmation in others about your relationship with Jesus.

Really, people just don’t care.

They’re worried about their own lives and what they got going on.

When you accept that, it frees you up in a magical way.

You learn to be content with just you and God, and that makes you a better witness.

16. Take time off from life and trying to be the Christian witness

We burn out when we do too much of something.

And that goes for being the Christian that everyone is looking to for answers.

I’m not saying you STOP being a Christian and go on a spiritual hiatus.

But I think it just brings refreshment when we take a break and go play golf with the kids.

Go on a date with your spouse and forget about being all “preachy”.

One of my favorite things to do is visit my dad on his ranch.

We talk about everything – family, politics, and emotional things.

But we only talk about God about 5% of the time.

If that makes you mad, then you don’t realize that rest is VERY important to God.

17. Avoid labeling yourself with a title

I will never understand the fascination with some Christians and titles.

Why does it bring us joy to be called, “prophet, minister, Dr.”?

Personally, when people shove their title at others, I think it’s a sign of insecurity.

Titles aren’t bad in and of themselves. They can be used to show respect.

But the only REAL apostles I’ve ever met are the ones who don’t call themselves apostles.

Other people do it for them, because the body recognizes the gift.

Do you know why the early church was so powerful?

Because they didn’t have a name.

18. Listen to and learn from others who don’t agree with you

It will greatly benefit you as a witness and a minster to be open to different views.

When you only listen to others who are like you, you will never grow spiritually.

It also makes you approachable and makes you seem reasonable.

I learn the most when I read books from people who I mostly disagree with.

It causes me to stretch, defend what I believe, and say, “Hey, I just might have it wrong.”

19. Accept that you can’t please everyone

As a witness for Jesus, you will NEVER say ANYTHING that EVERYONE agrees with.

You have to learn to not get butt-hurt when people don’t like what you say.

Lots of the comments on my videos are pretty much negative ones.

And it’s easy for us to focus on the ONE person we don’t please, rather than the hundreds that DO like what we say.

Especially as a pastor or a person in leadership.

When people hate what you say and want to leave, the only question you need to ask is:

“Is what I said right, and did I say it in an inoffensive way?”

Jesus had many haters, and he still does.

20. Be "in the world", but also know how to be separate

The Bible actually DOES mention both.

Jesus ate with sinners, and the apostles preached among them.

But the Bible also says to be separate and washed with the Word.

So what's the solution?

Do both.

Go to events that don't have anything to do with God (within reason, of course).

But also know when to keep your distance, so you won't mess up your testimony.

Occasionally, I'll go to a wedding, a party, or a dance.

But the moment the music starts blastin', the beers start opening, and the tail starts shakin...

I'm gone, because I got church in the morning.

Some people are TOO separate. Some people are TOO worldly.

Find your balance.




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