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About New Covenant Way

New Covenant Way is an online ministry created by us, Jamey Escamilla and Larry Martinez, in order to:

  • explore and teach Bible subjects and Christian topics,

  • help people grow in their relationship with God, and

  • emphasize the importance of understanding the New Covenant that Jesus died to usher in.

Our hope in creating this ministry is that we all can learn to better live and grow as believers in today's world!



We're pastors in our early thirties with a passion for exploring the Bible and faith! Studying the Bible and expounding on what it really means is important to us. But just like every other believer out there, we have tons of questions, and it can get confusing! So simplifying things is also important to us.

We spent years studying, attending church, and youth pastoring. In the midst of all the preaching, youth events (yes, Jamey carried the egg with a spoon), and trying to be a "good" Christian, we both realized that our passion was to teach the Bible. We had about all the preaching we could take, and we wanted something more. It was then that we both really began to learn about the grace of God.

It was like being born again... again. what we found out was that there was nothing we could do to make god love us any more or any less. we weren't saved by good works, but by grace through faith.


We always had a passion to learn why we believe what we believe. When we began to learn about the grace of God, it caused us to dig even deeper into the scriptures. If we had been missing out on this good news that we're not saved by good works all along, what else were we missing?

We just really feel that there are so many of us out there who believe things because of a misguided interpretation of scriptures we read. Here at New Covenant Way, we know that there are plenty of opinions out there about the Bible and God. But probably the most important thing you can discover is what the Bible is really all about.

Hint: It's not a love letter written to you and I to baby us when we're having a bad day.




What does that mean?


It sounds big and theological, but it's really not. Knowing this can simplify things so much for you! When you know that you're not bound to the rules of an old covenant that you were never even invited to, you then see that you're not accepted before God based on your good deeds. And that changes everything.

We want you to understand this topic, and the great things that it means for you. After all, we're not just ministers, but we're ministers of the New Covenant (2 Corinthians 3:6). That's why we're going to share all kinds of resources right here on New Covenant Way that will help you in an educational, practical, spiritual, and inspirational way. Understanding the New Covenant is the key to understanding the Bible, your faith, and your identity in God.


Proverbs 15:2 - The wise person makes learning a joy.

Learning anything in the Bible should be made simple, with a level of entertainment to keep us all engaged. Many people are turned off by the Bible and living for Jesus because we've made it too complicated and too boring. Here, we're not just "having Bible study". We are on a journey to explore the Bible in a way that will transform our lives.

To do that, we have to interpret the scriptures of the Bible correctly. This might shock you, but we believe that behind every scripture we read, there is one intended meaning that the writer was trying to convey. And although there's many interpretations out there, the only correct interpretation of a scripture is the author's.

We're going to make a lot of room on New Covenant Way for teaching so that we can find that true interpretation, because we believe that we need to understand our Bibles better in order to represent Christ better. These days, it's not hard to find preaching that pumps you up and gives you practical living techniques, but there's a massive hole in the body of Christ when it comes to teaching and understanding our beliefs.

When it comes to us young adults, there's even many who are beginning to say that the Bible isn't even relevant anymore to us modern day Christians. But that's just because they don't understand it. And it's time we do.


You can understand your Bible, your faith, and God. When you do, you'll then understand yourself. You can live and grow in the New Covenant.

We made this website for you, because we truly believe that learning these things can help you to experience Jesus even more. That's what we're really all after. Take time going through New Covenant Way and access the free resources and teaching materials. We also hope that we can connect in some way and learn from each other as well!

Thank you for reading this! It really means the world to us to have even one person taking time to enjoy this place. We hope to hear how you've been living and growing here in this New Covenant.

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