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What Does the Bible Say About Tithing?

Jamey Escamilla

Jamey Escamilla  •  Feb 7, 2023

Does the Bible command or suggest Christians everywhere to tithe?

The tithing debate has been a hot topic within the church for thousands of years. People don’t seem to agree.


There are countless articles, videos, and teachings explaining and defending differing views on this subject, so figuring out what’s right can be confusing.


In this study, we won't simply take scripture and interpret it as to what we THINK it’s saying, or what it SOUNDS like it’s saying.


We also don’t want to come to this topic with an already made-up mind about tithing, and then try to find scriptures we can steer toward our belief.


The only way to get to the truth of tithing is to start with an open mind that wants to know the Biblical view of tithing for the New Covenant believer today.


Then, we should strive to get the correct meaning of each scripture we read. The only right interpretation of tithing is whatever interpretation the writers of the Bible have.


The goal is simply to find what the writers of those scriptures actually meant when they wrote them.


This study is a 10-part series with video. Let's dive right in!

Part 1: Two Views on Tithing

Part 2: Assumptions About Tithing

Part 3: The Principle of Tithing?

Part 4: The Culture of Tithing

Part 5: What Did Abraham Give?

Part 6: Hebrews 7 & Melchizedek

Part 7: Tithing Under the Law

Part 8: Looking at Malachi 3

Part 9: Giving the Firstfruits

Part 10: Giving in the New Covenant

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Jamey Escamilla

About Pastor Jamey

Jamey is the co-pastor of New Covenant Church in El Campo, Texas. He has served in ministry for over 10 years, teaching and preaching the Gospel of grace. He is the author of How to Understand the Bible in 30 Days, a simple guide that helps Christians everywhere understand the bigger picture of the Bible, along with how to study it properly and foundational truths. He continues to serve as a pastor and run


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