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Who Is the Antichrist? How This Impacts YOU...

Jamey Escamilla

Jamey Escamilla

For centuries, countless people have been named the Antichrist - a supposedly future-coming, one-world ruler who will call himself God.


We're going to crack open our Bibles and study to find out what this person is all about rather than float along with all the speculation.


This study is an in-depth, easy-to-understand teaching about this figure and the scriptures surrounding him, if he's actually even in the Bible.

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Jamey Escamilla

About Pastor Jamey

Jamey is the co-pastor of New Covenant Church in El Campo, Texas. He has served in ministry for over 10 years, teaching and preaching the Gospel of grace. He is the author of How to Understand the Bible in 30 Days, a simple guide that helps Christians everywhere understand the bigger picture of the Bible, along with how to study it properly and foundational truths. He continues to serve as a pastor and run


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