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13 Lessons Christians Are Learning From Covid

13 Lessons Christians Are Learning From Covid That Are Causing True Change

Jamey Escamilla • November 19, 2020

How long have we been in this pandemic, already?

I think it’s been about eight months for America, right?

I was having one of my random thoughts the other day, and I started pondering Covid a bit.

I thought really hard about how the CHURCH has been handling it.

What do you think?

Have Christians and the Church been making progress during the pandemic?

More importantly, have we been CHRIST-LIKE during the coronavirus?

I started thinking about how it’s been affecting me, personally.

It hasn’t been pretty.

But it hasn’t been super bad either.

But I’ll bet it’s causing us to learn some valuable lessons!

So here’s a list of the lessons that Christians are learning from Covid.

My hope is that this blog will cause you to progress and move forward, even in this troubling time.

1. We’re learning if we and others are really committed to God

It’s true… when tragedy strikes, you’ll find out what you’re really made of.

I think we as Americans often forget that living for God is a sacrifice… or at least it should be.

Do we even know the meaning of that word?

God is not a hobby, a past time, a culture, or a sugar daddy who’s there to give us things when we need them.

He’s a being. A spirit. A person.

And people require relationships. Relationships need to be built. Relationships requires sacrifice.

And when Covid happened, I think it shook people’s faith and exposed what we really have in us.

We shouldn’t live for him and focus on him only when things are good.

For example, why can we skip church because there’s a virus and we don’t want to get sick from all the people…

… yet we still go to crowded restaurants, sports games, malls, and parties?

It doesn’t matter if we simply profess God with our mouths.

Actions speak louder than words.

So remember – living for God takes commitment and sacrifice.

2. Be careful who you listen to

There are so many opinions out there on TV, social media, and the Internet.

It’s hard to separate the facts from the fiction right now.

But I think we should remember this:

Many information outlets ONLY tell you what THEY want you to know.

Most sources don’t say, “Here’s view A, and here’s view B. And here’s why view A is right, and why view B is wrong.”

It’s OK to gather all kinds of information about everything’s that going on right now.

But remember to RESEARCH it before you settle on a view.

And I think Christians are hopefully beginning to realize the importance of research.

3. God can create good out of bad situations

You might be like, “Ya, I already know that.”

But do you honestly believe it and feel it in your spirit?

I think we’re all seeing that it doesn’t have to be just bad, bad, bad.

I’ve seen people become BETTER people because of Covid.

Technology and ideas have progressed.

It doesn’t have to be the end of the world.

Look at this picture and text below. It’ll help you see the good and put things in perspective:

Although it might look a bit dark right now, God ALWAYS brings good out of bad.

4. We’re supposed to be the leaders in the world

I personally believe that if we have the Spirit of God living inside of us…

… then we should have the most influence on the world.

Christians aren’t supposed to be the laughing stock of the nation when Covid hits.

I think believers are beginning to realize that they have power.

This is why we need more Christians leading the way in government, schools, hospitals, etc.

Covid is teaching us to rise up and take our place as those who can change the atmosphere.

So if you haven’t yet, bless someone else and lead by example during this pandemic.

5. We live in a fallen world

People are dying and times are tough right now.

But did you know that this is just the way the world is?

Why is it like this?

Because thousands of years ago, a woman and a man ate some forbidden fruit.

This caused creation to fall into evil, sickness and death.

But if you want to know who can change that, look in the mirror.

The world is fallen, yes. But YOU’RE called to bring heaven to earth.

6. Church gatherings are important

I still believe in the power of church, and gathering with other believers.

Now that many people aren’t able to attend gatherings, we’re seeing how important it really is.

When MULTIPLE believers come together with the right plan, great things can happen.

We just opened our church back up, with Covid guidelines of course.

If your place of gathering is open, they have guidelines in place, and you’re also responsible and don’t have crazy health conditions…

… I encourage you to go back.

7. Christians need to embrace technology more

Churches started going live with their services on the Internet, because they couldn’t gather.

Churches and believers have been FORCED to learn how to use the Internet.

And I think this is great!

Technology, like the internet, computers, cameras, and software, can be used to spread the Gospel.

Only 25 years ago, we didn’t have this stuff.

So let’s continue this way. Let’s be leaders in technology and innovation while we’re at it.

Just remember, while I do believe that gathering IN PERSON is better…

… we need to mix these efforts with technology as well, and have both.

8. We should be seeking God when we’re bored

When I was younger, I never told my dad that I was bored.

Because if I did, I knew what that would lead to… cleaning!

So in my younger years, I don’t ever recall being bored.

I played video games, hung out with my friends, and threw rocks at houses to pass the time.

But now, I can’t understand while I feel bored at times. Especially now, during Covid.

Well, this is the time for us to renew our relationship with God.

Read your Bible and pray. Check out some Bible courses online, or something.

9. Do we really have respect for governing authorities, as the Bible tells us to?

I know that everyone is divided on this, and I’m not trying to fight.

But I personally think it’s silly that our officials tell us to wear masks for health reasons…

… yet some believers are the first to say, “Heck no! They’re trying to take away our rights!”

I’m sorry, I just don’t see it.

Whatever your belief is about a mask and social distancing, there should be no question with this:

We should respect and follow ordinances of the land.

And I think that’s one lesson we’re learning:

Who does and who doesn’t, and why it’s important.

If I felt that the government was REALLY trying to deny me of my religious rights, that’s different.

But I don’t feel that way, as of now.

When they say, “Don’t gather for a while, because it’s probably unsafe,” I think we should listen.

When we don’t, I smell a spirit of rebellion, but that could just be me.

Afterall, the church building might be closed, but God’s kingdom is always open.

And really, religious freedom is the best in America.

Try living in another country where they kill you if you practice your faith.

10. We’re seeing how blessed we really are

Although there’s a lot of pain and heartache now, we’re also seeing how good we really have it.

Even though we’re under quarantine, most of us are still able to go about our lives.

We have grocery stores stocked with food. Electricity and running water in our homes.

Hours and hours of shows we can watch and things we can do.

God is showing us that we really have it good.

And we can only see that in the midst of the bad.

11. Finances are so important

If you haven’t yet, you should be learning the value of the dollar.

Covid is teaching Christians the importance of saving and making money.

You might have had to take another part time job to survive.

I know some church folk who started making their own air fresheners for extra cash.

Some have had to find new jobs.

Some Christians are desperately trying to get more hours, when in the past, they were looking for excuses to not show up.

Some churches are shutting their doors forever.

One of the scariest feelings is not having enough money.

And Covid is teaching us to be more responsible with it.

I’d recommend getting a side hustle.

12. Christians are learning to use their time wisely

I went to a conference not too long ago hosted by a church, and sure enough, we started late.

The church staff rolled in a good 15-30 minutes late, and the speaker took the platform late.

I remember thinking, “Why can’t Christians even be on time to things?”

I don’t do a lot of things well, but being punctual is kind of my thing.

I believe if you’re on time, you’re late.

Get there about 15 minutes early, at least.

With Covid, we’ve had to adjust our lives and schedules.

We have questions about our time, like, “Who’s going to stay home with the kids while I work?”

And I think we’re getting better with it.

I hope that we can all walk out of the coronavirus being a bit more mindful of our time.

13. We’re being more aware of our health

I don’t know about you guys, but I wash my hands more.

I watch where I put my hands, how much I cough, and look at my symptoms more.

All thanks to Covid!

I’m still working on my diet though. I love Dr. Pepper too much.

Again, this is something that Christians should be leading the way in.

Our churches should be cleaner and safer for people to attend.

We should be teaching and encouraging others how to be clean and take care of our bodies.

The Bible talks about the importance of taking care of God’s temple – your body.

Even in the Old Testament, God showed the Israelites ways to be clean.

He even taught them about mold and contamination.


I think that these are valuable lessons that we can ALL learn and apply.

What has God been teaching you during Covid?

What lessons can you teach to your family and friends?




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